In early 1990s, Lahore High Court had ruled that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri staged a drama of firing at his own house and assassination attempt on him, for which he blamed other political parties.

This is yet another propaganda by the opponents of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Unfortunately people don’t do any research and just jump to conclusion. Following are some of the facts that can clarify the matter. It is followed by a video clip of Dr. Qadri summarizing the matter in response to a question during a recent media interview.

In the early 1990s Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek was emerging as the third force in Pakistan’s politics. His opponents were so afraid of him and his party they started all kind of negative propaganda against him that mainly included false character assassination as they could not otherwise counter any of his logical statements. Dr. Qadri’s popularity kept on increasing. His political opponents were so worried that they finally decided to take extreme measures. On April 21, 1990, they assembled an attack on his house in an attempt to assassinate him. During the assassination attempt, security guard of Dr. Qadri fired back at the assassins which injured one of them. On April 30, 1990 a one-man administrative tribunal, headed by Lahore High Court Justice was constituted to investigate the matter. Investigation was launched by the local police in which people of Minhaj-ul-Quran also cooperated in collecting facts. Several facts and evidences were collected. One of the evidence included discovering dead body of one of the assassins that was earlier injured and later buried in a local grave yard. Blood sample of that person exactly matched with the blood found outside Dr. Qadri’s residence where that person had got injured due to the return firing by his security guard. All the whereabouts of that person were located. Based on all the facts it was becoming very clear who was involved in the attack. Collected facts and twelve witnesses were presented in front of Justice. All the facts were clearly pointing out towards the culprits. When Justice was about to conclude the case after several weeks of proceedings, it was clear that decision will be against some of the key people of the Govt. of Punjab of that time. Those who were to be affected after the decision, used their influence and started troubling Justice in various ways. They troubled him too much and put a lot of pressure on him. As a result Justice refused to continue as a head of the commission and this is what they wanted.

On July 14, 1990, they appointed their own preferred Justice for which Dr. Qadri and his party protested and demanded that original judge should be brought back for the completion of the trial otherwise they feared mistrial. But Govt. ignored that demand. At this point the new Justice stated that earlier proceedings were dismissed and had to be started again from scratch. Upon this Dr. Qadri and his party boycotted and withdrew from the proceeding saying that was totally unacceptable. Dr. Qadri stated to the Justice that he did not accept this and that he would now take justice in the Allah’s court. Case continued unjustly without Dr. Qadri or any of his representative and was presented again from scratch. It was all just one sided proceeding. Wrong facts and fabricated witnesses were presented. Earlier collected evidence and statements of the witnesses were ignored. This all resulted in a decision against Dr. Qadri. Certain biased newspapers particularly highlighted the story. Dr. Qadri had already communicated publicly that it was a mistrial and conveyed his stance again. After this instead of spending energies on this matter where there was no chance of any betterment due to the influence of the corrupt Govt. of that time, Dr. Qadri left the matter to Allah and ignored to take any further action and concentrated on his other good work.

Here are two video clips of Dr. Qadri in which he is briefly clarifying above matter while responding to media anchors during interviews: