COMPLAINT regarding “Opposition figure returns to Pakistan, vowing ‘revolution’ and sparking chaos at two airports””

Dear Editor of Washington Post,

I would like to express my concerns about false reporting on Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri’s return to Pakistan and reaction of the government.

I am referring to the piece published under the title “Opposition figure returns to Pakistan, vowing ‘revolution’ and sparking chaos at two airports” on 23 June 2014 reported by Tim Craig and Shaiq Hussain.

1) “…he was returning from exile in Canada…”

  • This is false. He was never in exile. He moved to Canada in 2005 after resigning from Pakistan’s National Assembly in 2004. The main reason of moving out of Pakistan was so he could concentrate on his academic works hence during that time in Canada he authored more than 100 books including the new translation of the Quran in English “The Glorious Quran” and Fatwa on Terrorism & Suicide Bombings. He kept on coming back and forth between Canada/Pakistan until 2010 when he published the Fatwa. Due to security concerns he didn’t travel to Pakistan between mid 2009-end of 2012. He arrived in Pakistan on 23 December 2012 when he kicked started his political movement and led the long march in Jan 2013.

2) “But Qadri commands a loyal group of followers and is said to have close ties to the Pakistani military.”

  • Yes he has a loyal and “very large” following in Pakistan. The next sentence is completely false. He has never even met any General nor spoken to any on Phone. How can you say he has close ties to the military??
  • He has made it clear on many occasions that all these allegations are founded by his political enemies PMLN and their paid journalists and analysts to defame him and the Army.

3) “Last week, as news spread that his return was imminent, a bloody clash erupted outside his house in Lahore when his supporters attempted to stop police from removing security barriers there.”

  • You should be well aware of the fact that it was the worst form of state aggression against its people. Dr Qadri has shown evidence that there were hired terrorists in uniform of policemen. It has been condemned by every section of society in Pakistan and I’m very surprised how such a factual newspaper like WP can ignore such a fact.

4) “But thousands of Qadri supporters showed up anyway and clashed with police for hours, leaving more than 70 officers injured, officials said.”

  • Again Dr Qadri showed photos of various Police vans transporting violent terrorist-type people in civilian clothes. They were involved in fighting the Police so that it can be blamed on PAT and Dr Qadri.

5) “To resolve the standoff, Zardari agreed to implement reforms if Qadri would return to Canada.”

  • Again this is completely false. Dr Qadri never had any link with Zardari nor was the sit-in linked to any condition to move to Canada. In FACT he was in Pakistan right until after the elections on 11 May. He warned and foretold the nation that if the Electoral Reforms which he demanded in Islamabad sit-in are not implemented then 2013 elections will be the worst flawed and rigged in the history. And his words came true; today PTI and all other parties are accusing the Gov/PMLN of having heavily rigged the elections. Hence PTI is protesting.
  • Dr Qadri has been always calling for a revolution as a solution NOT rigged elections as he wants to change the whole political and electoral system through a revolution. A system which is based on injustice, rigging, bribes, political violence, controlling police, judges and other institutions for political gains etc. This system has to end. For more about Dr Qadri’s political philosophy please visit or to find out more.

I would like to urge you to get the basic facts corrected and write an article on facts. As a reputable international newspaper we never thought it could publish news/articles without facts and based on false analysis/ disinformation.

I look forward hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Shahid Mursaleen
Spokesman to Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Twitter: @shahidmursaleen