COMPLAINT regarding “Pakistan’s Tahir ul Qadri: The rise and fall of a revolutionary man”

Dear Editor of English Edition of Al Arabiya,

I would like to express my deep concerns about false reporting by one of your writer’s based in Pakistan Mr MansoorJafar, which is not just based on false reporting but on lies and an attempt of character assassination of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. I strongly believe that it is written on somebody’s instructions from the PMLN Government to spread disinformation using the platform of Al Arabiya Network. I would like to know how this can be authorized or approved by your network.

I am referring to the piece published under the title “Pakistan’s Tahir ul Qadri: The rise and fall of a revolutionary man” on 27 June 2014 reported by Mr Mansoor Jafar.

Herewith I am highlighting each point which is reported based on lies and false accusations. The irony is that all of these allegations have been already published and spoken about in the Urdu media/press by journalists and anchors who are sponsored and paid by the PMLN Government. Some of these accusations have also been addressed on

1. The double-talking Qadri has been speaking to media almost every other day at his party secretariat in Lahore, the capital of country’s largest province, Punjab, where police shot down at least 8 workers and injured 85 while resisting the removal of security barricades.

  • This is false and based on a lies promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Dr Qadri has never spoken in double speech. You are free to check any of his speeches. He has always been consistent in his speech; even if you listen to his speeches 40 years ago you will get the same message of a revolution or views on theology.
  • In one of the worst brutal forms of state terrorism the Punjab Police on behalf of Nawaz Sharif government shot at more than 150 people indiscriminately killing 14 including 2 women and a child and brutally injuring more than 130 party workers of Dr Qadri. You can read about it here
  • This attack on innocent party workers reflects the state terrorism by Israel on Gaza. The images live on TV screens show no difference between both acts of state terrorism.

2. The iron-gates and barriers around the party secretariat and his nearby home had been causing inconvenience for local residents who had moved the High Court against Qadri.

  • This is false and based on a lies promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. These barriers had been installed under the supervision of the same Punjab Police in 2010 on the orders of the Lahore High Court on the request of the local residents due to the security situation and terror threats. There had been no complaints by the residents whatsoever.

3. Facing money laundering charges back in Canada

  • This is a false allegation and part of the character assassination campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Dr Qadri does not face any legal or other charges in Canada or anywhere in the world. He has been living in peace and has been promoting peace and message of abiding the local laws. I completely reject this allegation.
  • We urge you to request the writer to provide evidence.

4. … in the wake of police shooting down 12 colleagues in Lahore.

  • The writer again contradicts his earlier statement. Here he mentions 12 people were shot down, in the previous paragraph he mentions 8. Both are wrong. The number of total death is 14.

5. Qadri has always been a controversial figure ever since he rose to ”fame” over three decades back, courtesy of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s father, Mian Muhammad Sharif who was chairman of a group of companies including iron and steel foundries.

  • This is again a false statement and part of disinformation campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Mr Nawaz Sharif himself publically stated that Dr Qadri has never accepted any help from him or his government.
  • Dr Qadri started his movement Minhaj-ul-Quran in early 1980’s without any contact with any member of the Sharif family. He has established Minhaj-ul-Quran himself with the support of his organisations members who donated to establish the organisation. He had no contact with Mian Muhammad Sharif, father of Nawaz Sharif at the time when he founded the organisation. He has publically announced even in front of Mian Muhammad Sharif and his sons Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif that he has not even taken a single penny from the Sharif family for his organisation or for his own person. You can listen to his public speech online.
  • In this video Nawaz Sharif himself publically admits that his family nor his Government ever supported Dr Qadri financially:

6. Sharif’s father appointed Qadri as prayer leader of the mosque affiliated with their foundries and hospital complex.

  • This is again a false statement and part of disinformation campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Dr Qadri was never appointed by Sharif’s father to leader any prayer at any of their mosques. The fact is that the Sharif family used to visit the same mosque where Dr Qadri used to deliver Friday sermons and the Sharif family used to listen to his speeches and at the end of the sermons used to line up in a queue to shake hands with Dr Qadri. They were impressed by his knowledge and requested to him in writing to start “Friday sermon” at their mosque, which Dr Qadri accepted with two conditions. First was that they will not pay him for his services because he does not accept any monetary benefit for his services to Islam and secondly that they will never ask him any favours for their political activities. Both agreed to these conditions and Dr Qadri started only Friday sermons at their mosque “Itifaq Masjid” in Lahore free of charge as a service to Islam.
  • Dr Qadri reveals everything about their relationship in this video recording in which Mian Muhammad Sharif his sons Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif are present.

7. After Nawaz Sharif was made provincial minister, Mian Sharif appointed Qadri to host a religious show on state television in place of noted Quran scholar Dr.Israr Ahmad whom the then president General ZiaulHaq was unhappy with for some reasons.

è This is false accusation and part of disinformation campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. It was only due to Dr Qadri’s immense knowledge of the Qur’an and Islamic teachings after which Dr Qadri was offered to host a series of programs on the Qur’an on Pakistan’s national TV, PTV. This has nothing to do with Sharif family.

  • The fact is Nawaz Sharif and his family were close to the General Zia ulHaq who promoted them and brought them into politics. They used to inform Dr Qadri of each and every meeting with the General and what how he is helping them to enter politics.

8. Qadri briefly taught at Oriental College and then at University of the Punjab till he succeeded in getting acquainted with Mian Sharif. Qadri used Mian Sharif’s patronage to found in 1981 the Tehrik Minhajul Quran for the promotion of Islamic education and contemporary education through opening schools and colleges…

  • This is false accusation and part of disinformation campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Dr Qadri was a professor of Islamic Law and international constitution from 1983 to 1988 at the University of the Punjab. Dr Qadri founded Minhaj-ul-Quran while he was a professor at the University. Sharif family has nothing to do with founding of Minhaj-ul-Quran whatsoever nor did Dr Qadri accept any donation or contribution from any member of the Sharif family. In fact Dr Qadri has publically stated this in front of Mian Sharif and his sons Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif.
  • Dr Qadri founded the modern and moderate, secular schools system due to his true teachings of Islam and his views about Islam being an open and moderate Din.
  • In this video Nawaz Sharif himself publically admits that his family nor his Government ever supported Dr Qadri:

9. He annoyed religious scholars in the late 80s by crossing limits of spiritual height, claiming to see a series of controversial dreams about the Prophet Mohammad. He claimed that the Prophet allegedly asked him to pay for his journey fare from Madina to his house in Pakistan. In another dream, he claimed the Prophet prophesied that he (Qadri) would soon be given a leading role in politics as all others were incompetent (a hint of his becoming future prime minister).

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government and their paid media persons. He has never claimed any spiritual height nor claimed to be the spiritual leadership above other scholars. These dreams are based on completely wrong context and have been taken out of context, with heavy editing, taking some parts out of the speech.
  • Having a dream is a fact and the Qur’an has also narrated various dreams for instance the dreams of Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) etc. And Dr Qadri did have some dreams relating to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but they have been taken out of context. Dr Qadri publically stated that dreams always have a different meaning to what one sees in the dream. The meaning is always different. However the political and religious opponents who had difficulty to accept Dr Qadri’s vast knowledge and his growing popularity amongst the masses started this disinformation and character assassination campaign by editing the video of the dreams. The writer has continued that character assignation campaign promoted by the same journalists who are regarded as paid employees of the Nawaz Sharif Government. This proves how biased the writer is in this article.
  • This issue has already been clarify here:

10. His high flying ambitions resulted in developing differences with his patrons, Mian Sharif and his family [the Sharif family].

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Dr Qadri has again publically stated the reason why the relationship with the Sharif family broke down which is because Sharif family broke the conditions which they accepted and wanted to use Dr Qadri and his growing influence for their political advantage but Dr Qadri refused.
  • Dr Qadri reveals why the relationship brown down with Sharif family in presence of Mian Muhammad Sharif his sons Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif are present.

11. The differences grew to such an extent that Qadri faked an assassination attempt on himself and blamed it on then Chief Minister of the province, Mian Sharif. Qadri boycotted the inquiry tribunal of the High Court into the alleged shooting at his house after defence lawyers proved that blood samples from the shooting site were not of one of his wounded guards, but of a goat.Qadri became the only certified ungrateful person in the country when the judge of the tribunal in his judgment declared him highly selfish, ungrateful and a liar.

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. The fact is that once Dr Qadri refused to be part of the political campaign of Nawaz Sharif, in angry revenge Nawaz Sharif and his family sent target killers to Dr Qadri’s house in Lahore with the aim to assassinate Dr Qadri and due to Allah’s help, Dr Qadri survived the murderous attack.
  • In defence one of Dr Qadri’s security guards shot back at the killers and one of the killers who was a close family friend of Nawaz Sharif got shot dead whose dead body was buried in a hurry at a local park in the middle of the night. It was found by the public after the dogs had started to eat his corpse.
  • All these evidence were presented to the High Court and before it was able to give the judgement, Nawaz Sharif who was the sitting chief minister of Punjab dismissed the judge. The new commission never accepted the previously presented evidence and published the one sided report which was approved by the chief minister Nawaz Sharif accusing Dr Qadri of shooting. This is also one of the incidents which PMLN Government uses for character assassination.
  • This issue has already been addressed in detail and exposed the tricks of Nawaz Sharif Government:

12. After parting ways with the Sharifs, Qadri used his wealth amassed through educational institutions to contest national elections in 1990 and 1993 but lost. Frustrated, Qadri made a public announcement in 1995 to quit electoral politics for good.

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign. Dr Qadri never had any wealthy life-style. He lives in a small house in Lahore for the past 30 years with 3 families (his own family and families of his two sons). Dr Qadri never contested elections in 1990 or in 1993. He stated publically that in order to bring a revolution he will try the route of electoral politics twice to find out if this path can bring a revolution in the country or not. Hence his political party Pakistan AwamiTehreek (PAT) contested in 1990 but due to massive rigging and fraud elections by PMLN Nawaz Sharif, PAT lost the won election. The second time his party contested elections was in 2002. This was the first time Dr Qadri himself contested elections and won from NA-127 Lahore and was Member of Parliament between 2002 and 2004. These elections were also massively rigged.
  • Dr Qadri announced after the 1990 elections that he will boycott the electoral politics until he sees a better time for electoral politics and instead concentrate on providing education and health care to the people. He then established more than 600 schools in Pakistan.

13. After General Musharraf’s martial law in 1999, Qadri back-tracked his commitment and jumped again into the political arena with the banner of supporting Musharraf. He was the frontline campaigner for Musharraf in his notorious referendum in 2002 that made him the country’s president. Few months later, Qadri finally succeeded in 2002 in becoming a member of the National Assembly, Pakistan’s lower house of parliament.

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign. The fact is that Dr Qadri had previously stated that he will wait for a good opportunity to enter electoral politics at the right time. In 1998 he was appointed to lead the alliance (Pakistan Awami Ittihad) in which PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto was also part of. The alliance ensured that the undemocratic and unjust rule of PMLN ends. However the military took over in Oct 1999.

14. Qadri expected Musharraf to repay his hard-work in campaigning by making him at least, the minister for religious affairs. But Musharraf judged his over-ambitious nature and refused. A frustrated Qadri announced in 2004 his resignation from the National Assembly and moved to Canada in 2005 after obtaining a dual nationality.

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government because of their revenge against General Musharaff. Dr Qadrionly supported General Musharaf’s Accountability Program which he promised to ensure transparency and to bring back the looted money from abroad but the General did not show any sign of strict accountability. Dr Qadri contested elections against the General’s party and only won his own seat. Later he resigned from that seat in 2004 in protest of General Musharaf’s rule. He moved to Canada to concentrate on his academic works and while living in Canada he authored more than 100 books on Hadith, Fiqh and translated the Qur’an into English and Urdu. And also authored the most comprehensive Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings. Dr Qadri never asked nor wanted to become part of his rule. The write is writing on behalf of the PMLN Government.
  • Dr Qadri’s resignation letter on 50 pages provides all the details why he supported Gen Musharaf’s accountability program and why he resigned:

15. To receive donations and charity, Qadri succeeded in weaving a network in Europe, the Americas and Gulf countries through pupils of his schools, colleges and universities inside Pakistan. The network soon multiplied his wealth to immense levels, alarming authorities in Canada.

  • This is another false accusation and part of character assassination campaign promoted by PMLN Nawaz Government. Dr Qadri had already established his vast network of Minhaj-ul-Quran in more than 50 countries before 2004 especially in UK, Europe and Gulf countries. Dr Qadri has never taken any donation to his name. All the donations go to his registered charity which is audited on regular basis. Dr Qadri is not even a trustee of any of his organisational setup. Such lies are spread by PMLN against Dr Qadri as they fear his political influence in Pakistan.

16. Later, in the wake of U.S.-led war on terror against Muslim countries, Qadri issued a 400-page decree forbidding suicide attacks against U.S. forces and those supporting suicide bombers as un-Islamic.

  • This is a lie. He has clearly stated in his book Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings that the only reason he is writing the book is to present the true and peaceful image of Islam which had been destroyed by Al Qaeda and Taliban like groups. His book has nothing to do with any foreign country.
  • You can read the Fatwa on Terrorism here: or listen to the pronouncement speech here:

17. He has authored about 1,000 books of which 400 have been published while 600 are awaiting publishing, despite his doctorate degree from Punjab University being doubted to be fake.

  • This is again a lie promoted by PMLN Government. The official website of the University of the Punjab has accepted and published Dr Qadri’s PhD thesis. It is one of the highest level of academic research ever undertaken.
  • Similar issue had been address here:

18. Recently, Canadian Muslims filed applications with immigration authorities, Foreign Affairs department and the police claiming Dr.Qadri was misusing his Canadian nationality and the huge funds he has been receiving to create trouble for Pakistan’s elected government.The application mentioned that Qadri and his sons had no business or known source of income other than the donations they receive as charity from Pakistani expatriates in Canada and Europe. They said he purchased a luxury house in Brockville, Ontario, Canada, and bullet proof vehicles, presumably from the charity donations.

19. Besides, his community center in Mississauga set up using millions of dollars was also a center of controversy as it was alleged that it was being used to create differences among Canadian Muslims rather than bridging them.

20. Qadri is bracing for his last chance to stay on course of being a respected religious and political leader. He is being dubbed as a failed politician after at least 10 workers died trying to launch the much-awaited revolution he has been calling for over two decades. It is now or never for him. The hype he has created is working against him. Either he will have to bring the revolution or he will become history.

  • It is a desperate mean by the PMLN Government to use paid writers to discredit Dr Qadri’s global work and his struggle for peaceful and Green Revolution for the betterment of the poor, oppressed ones and underclass society of Pakistan. Dr Qadri wants to bring the revolution of Article 38 of the Constitution of Pakistan which is seeking to uplift the poor, provide food, education and heath to them.
  • The revolution will be a reality within few weeks in August 2014.

I look forward hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Shahid Mursaleen
Spokesman to Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Twitter: @shahidmursaleen